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If debt collectors are harassing you, let’s end that. It’s not only wrong, it’s illegal. And you have options to make them stop!

Collection Bully
Debt Is Hard Enough Without Harassment

Debt Is Hard Enough Without Harassment

Late-night phone calls from collectors. Or calls while on the clock at work. Hearing from relatives that collectors are contacting them to ask about you. These are stressful, disruptive, and illegal acts. And they can leave you feeling violated.

We think people in debt collection deserve the time and space they need to get it taken care of—without being harassed.

Simply put, debt collectors have zero power to set financial priorities for you or your family. Collectors are in business to collect money for legitimate debts, but their power ends there. In fact, the law places clear and tight limits on how they can talk to you. It prohibits threats, intimidation, and harassment.

Let’s Make It Stop

If you’ve been threatened, intimidated, or harassed, you need to make it stop. And to get it done, you need an advocate—someone who can help you stop the harassment so you can get back to focusing on full financial recovery.

Protections exist to prevent harassment. When you know what the law says, you can take steps to bring the abuse to an end.

Let’s Make It Stop
Dave Ramsey recommends Collection Bully.

Why Dave Ramsey Recommends Us

Dave Ramsey has a passion for helping people in debt put a stop to harassing behavior so they can focus on paying the debt off permanently. 

Gain protection and confidence with letters from your attorney to your creditors and a case evaluation.

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